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Reflexology is the alternative medicine approach to health in which there is a belief that every organ system in the body can be mapped to a zone on the foot. It is believed that massaging the area or zone on the foot can affect the health of that organ system.

There is no evidence that reflexology actually works and all the good research has shown that it does not work. A good foot massage will probably help anyone feel better and this is probably why there are so many testimonials from people who have had reflexology when the claim it improved. Anyone who is stressed or has a chronic illness will probably feel better after a good foot rub!

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The Foot Detox

I can’t believe that people are so gullible that they fall for this. A detox to remove toxins from the body via the foot. Its physiologically impossible. Its ludicrous.

The foot detox is a scam (see this) and does not work and will never work. See these videos for more.

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Foot Reading

This is nutty. The whole purpose of “foot reading” is to determine people personality characteristics by looking at their feet. I have look at a lot of feet and I can not tell their personality form them!

Its can even be dangerous. There was a case highlighted here in which a Foot Reader was asking advice on a foot reading forum about how to interpret a black mark in the nail that sounded suspiciously like a malignant melanoma! Foot reading may be fine for entertainment and that is all! Others think that it could be an April Fools joke.

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