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The Foot Detox

I can’t believe that people are so gullible that they fall for this. A detox to remove toxins from the body via the foot. Its physiologically impossible. Its ludicrous.

The foot detox is a scam (see this) and does not work and will never work. See these videos for more.

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Cracked Heels

This is a problem that we see often and should not have to see as it can easily be managed by the individual if they are prepared to put in the effort to manage it. The cracks develop in the callus and dry skin around the heel. These fissure never heel and will tear on the good skin underneath which can become very painful. As long as the dry skin is kept moist and the thick skin is kept down, this is not going to be a problem.

Self care is the key to this condition. There is a good resource here on cracked heels. It really comes down to either putting the effort in to maintain it or coming and seeing a Podiatrists every few months. I give people the option. There is no miracle cure. Get the products you need and get going. Cracked heels is manageable.

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Foot Reading

This is nutty. The whole purpose of “foot reading” is to determine people personality characteristics by looking at their feet. I have look at a lot of feet and I can not tell their personality form them!

Its can even be dangerous. There was a case highlighted here in which a Foot Reader was asking advice on a foot reading forum about how to interpret a black mark in the nail that sounded suspiciously like a malignant melanoma! Foot reading may be fine for entertainment and that is all! Others think that it could be an April Fools joke.

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Fish Pedicure

The media love doing stories on this! The fish pedicure uses a small fish to eat the callus and dry skin on the foot. A number of spas around the world are offering this approach and it is becoming more popular. As to how effective it is, I do not know. I have not tried it, but do see a lot of testimonials on websites for it and they love it.

There are concerns about the infection risks from the water and the fish, which may or may not be valid. Health regulatory authorities are looking closely at this issue and some local agencies have banned the practice for that reason. As log as precautions are taken for a fish pedicure (eg no breaks in the skin), this should not be a problem or an issue for concern.

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