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Obesity and Podiatry

Obesity is becoming a very big problem for society today. It is also becoming a big problem in podiatry practice for a couple of reasons. One is the load that it places on the foot and the problems associated with that and the other is the association of diabetes with obesity. Diabetes is associated with a very wide range of foot problems that can lead to serious complications such as diabetes.

Podiatrists need to play an increased role in the public health education of their patients about the impacts of obesity. Not only will it can help with a decrease in foot problems, but will also help with a decrease in the overall health burden.

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“Overpronation” – I wish that term will go away. It is really meaningless but is widely used by runners and running shoe shops, especially when they have no idea what they are talking about. See this video and you see what I mean:

Runners fall for this stuff all the time. They come in the clinic and think they know more about it than I do. They need to read blogs this like this for some common sense. There is still a lot to be learnt about the role that this plays in injury risk and so many pronation myths.

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