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Forefoot Valgus

Forefoot valgus is a foot type in which the forefoot is in an everted position when the subtalar joint is in its neutral position and the midtarsal joint is maximally pronated. It is the opposite for the forefoot varus foot type.

Forefoot valgus is a difficult foot type to understand as it will function very differently depending on the range of motion at the midtarsal joint. A rigid midtarsal joint will mean that the rearfoot supinates. A flexible midtarsal joint means that the rearfoot will pronate more (more).

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Vibram Five Fingers

The Vibram Five Fingers are a favorite shoe with those who prefer barefoot or minimalist running. They are shoes that cover the foot like a glove and also have a pocket for each toe.

They are not without their controversy as they are facing legal action over the health claims that they made and Podiatrists are seeing a lot of injuries in those that use them. A recent motion to dismiss the class action was rejected.

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