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Chi Running

There are many different ways for runners to fine true their running technique and each of them claims to be the best (which is problematic as how can they be?). Chi running is just one of those techniques that a re widely being promoted. We are seeing more and more runners that are getting an injury from trying the Chi running technique.

There are plenty of discussions on the pros and cons of Chi running and analysis of the claims made for it (see this). Most of the claims are exaggerated and do not stack up to detailed scrutiny. Chi running is helpful for some runners and not for others.

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Cuboid Syndrome

This is a relatively common problem due to what appears to be a subluxation of the cuboid bone. Mostly due to some dysfunction with the stability of the bone being easily moved by the peroneus longus tendon that passes under it. Usually the subluxation is best (ref):

Over the longer term foot orthotics (ref) may be needed to help with the stability of the lateral column of the foot. low dye strapping may be helpful in the short term (ref).

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Corns on the Foot

This is probably the most common problem that is seen by podiatrists either for regular routine care or for surgical correction of the underlying problem that is causing the corn.

There is plenty that can be done to help this problem and plenty of online advice available (link). The best advice is anything that you can do to get pressure of the area that the corn is on will help with the symptoms. This means better fitting shoes with more room for the toes. It means the wearing of padding to straighten toes and relieve the pressure. Most important do not use the so-called corn cures as they do not work over the longer term. If this is not helping, then see a podiatrist. There is no point putting up with these.

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Chinese Foot Binding

This was a bizarre torture that was carried out in ancient China in which the feet of young girls were tightly bound to create a lotus foot, which is a significant deformity and a very small foot. A foot of this nature was considered more erotic in ancient Chinese culture. It results in significant pain and disability.

Fortunately the practice is no longer carried out. There has been some interesting research and commentary on this (link) with some suggesting the the practice continue today via female putting there feet into tightly fitting shoes for erotic reasons and ending up with deformed feet in older age! (more videos)

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Charcot Foot

This is an unusual and complicated complication of the foot in diabetes. It follows a softening of the bone a subsequent dislocation of the joints and a fracture of the bones in those who general have a nerve problem resulting in them not feeling pain. In this situation, the consequences of all this can be quite severe and difficult to treat.

This problem is becoming more common as the diabetes and obesity epidemic takes hold. This really is a medical emergency as continued weightbearing on the foot will only worsen the problem and this condition really needs to be placed in a plaster cast as soon as possible to prevent further damage (ref). There is plenty of information on the web on this condition.

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Bunions are so common in females, especially older female. The main factor implicated in them is probably footwear, though those who do not wear shoes can still get them implicating hereditary issues (ref). Despite the hereditary factors shoes do make them more severe and more painful.

There are many treatment options or bunions, but the only way to get rid of the, is with surgery. Conservative options involve footwear advice, exercises and the use of padding to relieve pressure. If you have a problem with a bunion, you can ask at the Foot health Forum or at Podiatry Experts. ePodiatry has a good resource on bunions.

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Barefoot Running

The whole concept of barefoot running as been sweeping the running community recently but appears to be dying off somewhat now. It has been controversial not because it not a good thing to do but because of the unsubstantiated that the science does not support that get made for it. The has been a lot of misuse of the science by those who support barefoot running. Podiatrists and other who treat running injuries have certainly had more work since the trend to barefoot and minimalist running started, yet those promote it claim there are less injuries occurring. Given that all those who work in running injury clinics are reporting the opposite, its hard to know who to believe without some good science.

The is plenty of discussion about this on podiatry websites and blogs and sports medicine sites. There is no doubt that barefoot running is good for some people and not for others. Its all very individual.

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