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Barefoot Running Shoes

This sounds something like an oxymoron. How can you have such as thing as barefoot running shoes? A barefoot running shoe is something that probably should be called something else. A shoe that is considered a barefoot running shoes would be a shoe that is so minimal that it does not interfere with the way the foot functions, so it might as well have no shoe on. The Vibram Five Fingers are the most well known. These shoes became a fad in around 2009-2010, but that fad droped off from around 2013-2014 and you hardly ever see anyone running in these types of shoes anymore.

These shoes are not without their controversy as a lot of claims get made for them reducing the injury rate, but those that treat a lot of running injuries are reporting seeing a lot more injuries in runners using these shoes, in some cases, they are quite serious. However, these shoes despite there decline in popularity still exits and are still used by a small hardcore group of runners.

December 5, 2012 - Posted by | Sports Medicine

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